Premium Propellers - Just 7 minutes from Marina Pez Vela & Yacht Yard

Premium Marine Propellers is a propeller sales and repair company located in Quepos, Costa Rica. We pride ourselves in creating long term relationships with our clients by providing quality workmanship, custom propeller work and meeting agreed delivery dates. Our company possesses the necessary skills, equipment and technology to produce the highest quality results that are needed in the propeller world.

The demand for lighter and faster recreational and military vessels has created a need for propeller manufacturers to use stronger material and more complex designs. While these may be more difficult to service, Prop Scan technology allows us to pinpoint the exact area for adjustment on most propellers down to .001 of an inch.

Premium Propellers documents every prop with a “PMP Number” and keeps a Prop Scan file of your optimized propeller so replacement or repair needs are always accurate and fast.

Premium Marine Propellers offers the following services to suit the propeller specifications of your vessel:

  • Costa Rica’s only computer based prop shop utilizing Prop Scan Technology, digital shaft inspection and repair, and computerized dynamic balancing.
  • Propeller inspection and reporting
  • Performance tune and repair propellers up to 60 inches in diameter with Prop Scan E4 and certified Prop Scan technicians
  • Match multiple sets of props
  • Clean and polish the propeller
  • Dual-Plane Computerized Dynamic Balancing
  • Prop keys, cotter pins, set screws
  • Prop Speed Coating
  • Custom Prop Pullers
  • Spare propeller storage program
  • Media/Sand blasting cabinet
  • Welding and reshaping to replace missing material - Nibral, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel